Experience the Ultimate Summer Body Transformation

Summer is here, and it’s time to show off your best self! At EVARA Beach Spa, we are proud to announce that we offer a truly transformative spa service that can help you achieve peak body confidence – introducing Playa Rio Body

Inspired by the lively and vibrant culture of Brazil, Playa Rio Body is a 90-minute spa service that incorporates various techniques to sculpt and tone your body, leaving you feeling confident and radiant. This signature treatment has quickly become a local favorite and is widely acclaimed for its impressive results.

The session begins with your therapist utilizing dry brushing and lymphatic massage to promote detoxification and stimulate your circulation. This helps to eliminate toxins and promote optimal skin health. Meanwhile, manual body contouring techniques are used to ensure specific areas are being properly targeted.

Next, moving cupping and microcurrent technologies are incorporated to take the effect of the treatment up a notch and help to further tone and firm your body. This advanced, multi-modal approach is a powerful combination that can help to deliver visible results even after just one session.

As a final touch, we utilize firming creams infused with a blend of cinnamon, paprika, and green coffee extract. These ingredients work together to stimulate your body and provide an immediate and dramatic smoothing and toning effect.

The cost is $300 for the full 90-minute session, making it an incredible value for the transformative results you can receive

At EVARA Beach Spa, we are committed to providing our guests with an exceptional spa experience. We use signature treatments, cutting-edge techniques, and highly trained professionals to deliver the best results.

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